TriboSys™ Biocompatible Oils and Greases

TriboSys™ biocompatible lubricants are a specialty series of PFPE oil based greases and oils designed to decrease wear and extend service intervals on all medical devices components. Conforming to ISO 10993, TriboSys™ is biologically/chemically inert, 100% oxygen-safe and unaffected by all forms of sterilization with no concern of transfer or degradation under these conditions.

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TriboSys™ MDF Medical Dry Lubricant

TriboSys™ MDF Medical Dry lubricant is a specialized PTFE dry film solution optimized for high lubricity and significant reduction in surface-to-surface friction on medical device articulating components. Safe to use on countless substrate materials including rubber, plastic, metal and silicone components. TriboSys™ MDF has nearly instantaneous dry time and generates a ultra-thin, chemically inert, anti-stick dry film coating. Available in aerosol as (TriboSys MDF-A).

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MS-4000 | Skin Degreaser Plus

Miller-Stephenson’s exclusive MS-4000 Skin Degreaser Plus is a next-generation, 100% non-flammable, water-based, pre-surgical skin cleaner and defatting solution. Designed to replace standard flammable skin cleaners such as isopropanol solutions and pads, acetone, and ether solutions. MS-4000 is a zero odor, ultra low VOC solution that provides a residue-free skin cleaning to allow for easy adhesion of critical ECG/EKG electrodes, medical tapes and surgical accessories.

Skin Degreaser Plus

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